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Restoring Smiles with Dental Implants in Manchester


For patients looking for an alternative to traditional prosthetics, dental implants can be an excellent treatment solution. Not only do implant-supported prosthetics look more natural, they also feel more natural. As a result, patients look forward to years of improved health and wellbeing.


The implant process is completed in two phases. In the first phase, one or more implants will be surgically placed in your jaw. The number of implants you receive will be determined by the number of teeth you need to restore. Because this phase involves surgery, our Manchester team will gladly partner with only the finest surgeons and periodontists to ensure that your procedure is completed properly.

In the second phase, your brand new, custom-made prosthetic is attached to the implant(s) completing your procedure. For this phase, you’ ll return to our office for care.

Why Are Dental Implants Such an Effective Alternative?

While traditional dentures can help patients complete their smile and enjoy a broader, more nutritious diet, their close, custom fit isn’ t guaranteed to last. In fact, many patients with dentures look for alternatives precisely because their current prosthetic no longer fits as well as it once did.

What makes dental implants different? The key difference is that traditional prosthetics only replace the visible portion of missing teeth not the roots. Dental implants replace both.

The implants that are surgically placed in the jaw are made of biocompatible titanium. Over time, implants form a bond with the jaw (a process known as osseointegration). In addition to stabilizing your prosthetic, this connection mimics the bond between the jaw and a tooth’ s natural root. This relationship between the jaw and your implant(s) encourages your jaw to produce new bone tissue over the years preventing bone loss and the loss of any nearby teeth.

Implant-Retained Prosthetics

This restorative solution is versatile enough to be used in a variety of circumstance. Maybe you just need to replace a single tooth or maybe you need to replace a full row of teeth. In both of these cases, and anywhere in between, dental implants can provide the help you’ re looking for. Leave behind your traditional partial or full denture and experience amazing results with dental implants.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

As life-changing as dental implants can be, they aren’ t the right solution for everyone. We invite you to call our Manchester dental officeif you’ re interested in learning more. During a consultation, Dr. Mason assesses your smile to determine your particular needs and makes a personalized treatment recommendation. If implants aren’ t right for you, we would be happy to discuss other solutions available.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of each dental implant procedure will vary based on a few factors, including where in the jaw the posts will be placed, how many implants are needed, and whether or not you need to have a bone graft performed first. Your implant dentist can give you a better estimate of what you can expect to pay -- and how to make them more affordable -- in a dental implant consultation. Take some time to learn more about the cost of dental implants.

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