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Dental Technology in Manchester

Technology is not restricted to a single industry or profession. The fact is that technology has impacted almost all aspects of life from work to leisure. In the dentist’s office, technology has made treatment more comfortable, more effective and more predictable. Dr. Mason and his staff in Manchester Center, VT are always on the lookout for the latest technological advances. Here are some of the ways that dental technology benefits you and your family.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Our office’s CT cone beam scanner is designed to make your overall treatment experience more comprehensive and predictable. While digital x-rays are extremely helpful, they do not always tell us everything that we need to perform a specific treatment. This is particularly true for dental implants, which required detailed planning to place in a safe and effective way. After completing a scan from our cone beam scanner, we’ll have a 3D tomography of your entire mouth. This allows us to examine structures that neither the naked eye nor a digital x-ray can capture, including soft tissue, nerve paths, and bone in the craniofacial region. Overall, you can expect more precise treatment planning, which means your treatment outcome is inherently improved in the end.

Digital Radiographs

Gone are the days of radiographs (x-rays) that are developed on film. Today, there are digital x-rays that appear almost instantaneously on a chairside monitor, so you and Dr. Mason can discuss the findings and the appropriate treatment. In addition, digital radiographs require far less radiation than traditional x-rays—almost 90 percent less radiation. At this safe level, you don’t have to worry about over-exposure. Digital x-rays are also stored on computer for easy referral or transfer to another dental professional.

Digital Pan

Digital pan is short for digital panoramic. With a special x-ray machine, we are able to generate a complete panoramic view of a patient’s mouth, jaw, head and neck. You simply stand in one place while the arm of the x-ray machine rotates around you. This type of image is extremely important when Dr. Mason is planning several different types of dental procedures. With dental implants, for example, a panoramic view allows Dr. Mason to more accurately position the implants. Similarly, this view makes wisdom teeth extraction a more precise procedure.

Digital Impressions

There are several instances when taking an impression of a tooth is necessary. The most common by far is in the case of a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth. For years, having an impression required sitting still with a tray full of molding material in your mouth, which was never comfortable. Fortunately, there is now an alternative. With a small handheld wand, Dr. Mason is able to capture a digital impression of your tooth. The image is easily transferrable to our dental lab where the crown is fabricated.

Intraoral Cameras

Do you ever have trouble visualizing what a dentist is talking about as he explains your dental problem? Well, that doesn’t need to be a concern anymore. Dr. Mason can use an intraoral camera to show you exactly what and where your dental problem is. The camera is at the end of a handheld device that can be directed anywhere in your mouth, and the image immediately appears on the chairside screen.