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Does My Tooth Need to Be Pulled?

August 9, 2016

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removing a tooth in Manchester CenterDentists do everything in our power to save a tooth from extraction. However, there are times when a tooth can no longer be saved and needs to be extracted. In some cases, the wisdom teeth must be extracted to maintain oral health. Depending on the underlying cause of the extraction and the tooth that needs removed, there are various extraction procedures that can be used. If you need a tooth extracted, we have the facts you need to know about removing a tooth in Manchester Center.

Why are Teeth Extracted?

While we do everything we can to save teeth from extraction, the American Dental Association does recommend certain instances where a tooth should be extracted. When a tooth has suffered serious trauma, infection, disease, or significant overcrowding is present, it may be best to remove a tooth. In addition, if a tooth can no longer be repaired with a crown or filling from injury or excessive decay, the tooth should be removed. In some cases, the underlying bone may no longer provide a tooth with adequate support, making the loss of the tooth inevitable. As a result, it’s best to remove the tooth before any additional damage occurs.

As a leading center for tooth extraction in Manchester Center, we provide the procedures necessary to remove teeth. We offer both simple and surgical tooth extractions.

Tooth Extraction in Manchester Center

A simple extraction is used to remove a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. This is a fairly simple procedure that involves loosening the tooth with a dental tool known as an elevator. Then, forceps are used to remove the tooth. However, if the tooth is not visible, a surgical approach may be necessary, such as for teeth that have broken off at the gum line or an impacted wisdom teeth. To surgically extract a tooth, an oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum line. The tooth is then removed and sutures are often needed to reclose the gum.

Removing a Tooth in Manchester Center

After you have had a tooth removed, there is a recovery process, especially when the tooth was removed surgically. For surgical extractions, you will need to bite down on gauze for about 30 minutes to help stop the bleeding. In addition, you will need to stick with soft foods and keep the area clean. When brushing and flossing, be careful to avoid trauma to the area.

Recovery for simple extractions is relatively minor. You can use ice to help relieve any pain or swelling that may occur. You will also want to eat softer foods for a few days while also keeping the area clean.

If a tooth extraction has been recommended, Dr. Jonathan E. Mason provides the simple and surgical extraction procedures needed for removing a tooth in Manchester Center. Dr. Mason hold special training in tooth extractions to ensure the safety, comfort, and effectiveness of the procedure. He strives to provide a comfortable and stress-free experience for all tooth extractions.


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