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Holiday Foods for Denture Wearers to Avoid and Enjoy

November 2, 2020

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Dinner table covered with holiday foods

Whether you’re doing the cooking or the taste-testing, it goes without saying that holiday foods often encourage holiday cheer. Unfortunately, some seasonal eats are not ideal for denture wearers. Dentures are very delicate, so the foods you indulge in can cause more damage than you may think. Keep reading to learn which foods you can enjoy and which you should avoid altogether!

Foods to Enjoy

Slow-Cooked or Ground Meats

Slow-cooked and ground meats are easy to break down, so the reduced amount of chewing minimizes the irritation to your gums. The more tender the meat, the tastier and easier it is to eat.


If holiday fudge is on your list of must-eat treats this season, you’re in luck! Eating chocolate is fine for denture wearers, as long as it’s free of nuts, toffee or other crunchy ingredients.

Cooked Vegetables

Boiled, steamed or microwaved vegetables tend to have a softer texture. Cooked carrots, green beans, broccoli and spinach are all great options for your holiday meals this season. 


Seedless grapes, oranges and cherry tomatoes are all delicious, denture-friendly foods for holiday charcuterie trays. You can also enjoy baked pears or apples for dessert without worrying that you’ll damage your teeth. 

Foods to Avoid

Tough or Well-Done Meats

The amount of chewing that goes into eating tough meats, like well-done steak, can cause dentures to become dislodged and unstable. Too much chewing can rub sore spots into your gums where they meet the dentures.  To avoid these sores, eating beef jerky and steak should be minimized or removed from your diet altogether.


Chomping on nuts can be very problematic for dentures. They create stress on the teeth and palate of your dentures. In addition to that, biting into nuts can give them sharp edges that might get stuck in and under dentures and cause serious irritation.


Popcorn balls are a favorite this season, and popcorn is the snack of choice for most movie watchers. But while the popped pieces of corn are soft, the kernels are very hard and can get lodged in your teeth. If it gets stuck under your dentures, it can be incredibly painful. 

Sticky Foods

Toffee, caramel and peanut brittle are some of the season’s most coveted treats, but they can be difficult to chew for those with dentures. Not only can they stick to your teeth, but they are almost guaranteed to dislodge your dentures. If particles get caught under them, they won’t fit properly and may start to slip.

If you want to keep your teeth working properly, it’s important to be mindful of what you eat. Wearing dentures doesn’t have to mean the end of tasty treats this holiday season. It could be the beginning of culinary adventures and lead you to come up with new ways to prepare your favorite meals.

About the Author

Dr. Jonathon Mason graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine in 2006. Dr. Mason offers his patients knowledge of the most innovative dental technologies to date. He is able to provide patients with removable or implant-retained dentures, as well as dental bridges, cosmetic dentistry and other services. If you have questions about your dentures, visit the website or contact the office at (817)663-7240.

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