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Wisdom Teeth: Are you wiser to take them out?

March 3, 2016

Wisdom teeth are the final set of adult molars that erupt in the late teen years and into the early 20’s. While many have no difficulty getting their wisdom teeth, many others need to have their wisdom teeth removed due to complications like impaction. With 5 million people having their wisdom teeth removed each year, it’s a common procedure with a very high success rate. As a Manchester Center Dentist, we offer wisdom tooth extraction surgerymanchester center dentist to resolve the complications your wisdom teeth are causing.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Manchester Center

There are a number of reasons the wisdom teeth may need to be removed. Upon an evaluation by a dentist, he may determine its time to have your wisdom teeth removed if they are causing damage to other teeth. Often, the wisdom teeth can cause the other teeth to become crowded or misaligned, increasing the risk for tooth decay and discomfort, such as gum inflammation. In some cases, there can be damage to the jaw due to hollowing of the jaw and nerve damage can occur. Other times, wisdom teeth can lead to sinus issues as the teeth put pressure on the sinuses, causing pain and congestion.

While there are often signs you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, others experience no symptoms of complications to their oral health. Your Manchester Center dentist will check your wisdom teeth to look for any complications they may be causing, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Manchester Center

Should your dentist decide it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed, you’ll be given a local anesthesia and a sedation anesthesia to ensure there’s as little pain and discomfort as possible during the procedure. As incision will be made into the gum to expose the tooth and bone. The bone that hides the tooth root will be removed to allow for the tooth to be extracted in sections. Once the tooth has been removed, the area will be cleaned and the gum will be closed, often requiring stitches. Gauze will then be placed on the extraction site to stop bleeding by allowing a clot to form.
While the surgery is fairly simple with few risks, there can be some pain and bleeding after the procedure. In addition, bruising and swelling may develop, however, this will subside in a few days. Once the teeth are removed, you don’t lose any chewing ability and there are no lasting implications due to the removal.

Dr. Jonathan E. Mason offers wisdom teeth extraction at the Manchester Center. He will care for your needs while conducting your wisdom tooth surgery at the Manchester Center using the highest level of care and comfort. He is able to provide wisdom teeth extraction at the Manchester Center to provide local residents with a more convenient option to have the teeth removed. Dr. Mason strives to ensure the procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible by offering various types of sedation.

If you need your wisdom teeth removed, call the Manchester Center dentist who cares. Call Dr. Mason today for a consultation.

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