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5 Tips to Free Your Smile from Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

May 1, 2023

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a woman smiling happily after removing an object that was stuck between her teeth

When your smile is comfortable and healthy, it’s easy to not give it much thought. But when you get something stuck between your teeth, it can drive you crazy! While most of the time this oral issue doesn’t lead to a dental emergency, it is essential to remove the object as soon as you can. Here are five helpful tips to free your grin from an object lodged in your pearly whites.

#1: Push Carefully with Your Tongue

The first thing you should try to do when you feel something get stuck between your teeth is to push it out with your tongue. Be sure to be gentle; if you are too forceful, you could cause some jaw muscle discomfort. You can also risk certain negative conditions such as chewing issues, TMJ disorder, and even changes in your speech pattern.

#2: Floss Gently

If your tongue is unable to remove the object, the next best thing is to try to remove it with dental floss. It’s important to be careful when sliding the floss back and forth, as you won’t want to accidentally harm your gums in the process. Go slowly and attempt to dislodge it. If it is still stuck, no worries! There are other ways to handle the situation.

#4: Use a Toothpick

Yep, the good ole’ toothpick! It’s inevitable this age-old tool would be used to try to remove something stuck in your teeth. While many people use a toothpick after a meal to get rid of leftover food debris, it’s essential to also use it with ease when trying to remove an object from your smile. You want to be sure to protect your gums from being harmed or damaged. This little wooden stick is especially helpful in combination with flossing.

#4: Munch on Crunchy Foods

Consuming some crunchy veggies is a natural and healthy way to get rid of stuck food particles and debris in your teeth. By eating snacks like carrot sticks or celery, you will not only clear away dislodged matter, you’ll also be able to enjoy a nutritious and edible toothbrush!

#5: Make a Trip to Your Dentist

If you have tried all these tips to no avail, then it’s time to schedule a visit with your dentist. After a thorough examination, they can assess your oral health and effectively remove anything stuck between your teeth. After your appointment, your smile is sure to be comfortable once again.

By following these helpful tips, it’s more than likely you will successfully remove the object that is lodged between your teeth. And the good news is that if you need more help, your dentist is only a call away!

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