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Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Manchester Center

May 6, 2016

wisdom tooth surgeryWisdom teeth are oral vestiges of our prehistoric ancestors. They needed these rather large molars to chew tough meat, seeds and raw vegetation. Over the millennia, however, man’s eating habits have changed so these teeth are no longer necessary. In fact, most people don’t have room for them in their mouths. That’s why wisdom tooth extraction is so common. Dr. Jonthan E. Mason conveniently performs wisdom tooth surgery in Manchester Center, VT.

Why Extract Wisdom Teeth

Aside from the fact that your mouth may not be large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth if they were to erupt, there are several other reasons to have them removed. Wisdom teeth can be impacted, meaning they are trapped in your jaw or gums. Similarly, they may be positioned incorrectly and press on adjacent teeth. Finally, cavities and gum disease are a greater risk with wisdom teeth, because they are much more difficult to clean properly.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The procedure to remove your wisdom teeth usually takes no more than one hour. Feeling a little jittery before surgery is perfectly normal. However, if those jitters are getting the best of you, then talk to Dr. Mason about sedation dentistry. He is certified and trained to provide sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral conscious and IV sedation.

When the surgery is completed, Dr. Mason stitches your gums and gauze pads are positioned over the surgery sites to reduce bleeding. We’ll give you all the time you need in our office to relax before you leave. If you had any kind of sedation, then you will need to arrange for someone else to drive you home.

Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Manchester Center

Of course, having wisdom tooth surgery is only half the battle; recovery is the other half. Thankfully, Dr. Mason’s gentle touch makes his patients’ recovery easier and faster. You can expect some mild discomfort and swelling, and the swelling may actually peak three or four days after surgery. You can use an ice pack to reduce swelling, and moist heat will help if your jaw is sore.

Drink plenty of fluids, but do not use a straw. Sucking through a straw can loosen the blood clots that are important to healing. For the first several days after surgery, stick to a diet of soft foods such as soup, pasta, mashed potatoes and applesauce. On the second day after surgery you can brush your teeth, but take care not to brush over the blood clots. Gently rinse with lukewarm water and do not spit; just let the water run out of your mouth.

Finally, don’t smoke because smoking slows the healing process.

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If you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, then contact the Manchester Center, VT, dental practice of Dr. Mason.

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